Supported Independent Living

In Chalandri with the aid of Public Investments Program, we founded the Supported Independent Living in a modern contemporary two-storey building!

Rights Disabled Individuals
are defined below:

  • Dignity

  • Self-Determination

  • Freedom

  • Equality

  • Social Justice

The institution of Living for Intellectually Disabled Individuals in certain premises is based on: a)The principal right of every individual for a decent, supported living, that will provide for them the necessary environment for developing and improving, their skills and potential, to their highest degree, to live and prosper autonomously and actively in his/her social and natural environment and b)The State’s obligation to ensure this capability for Mentally Retarded Individuals.

In this context, PEGKAP-NY aims for the alignment of its services with the contemporary challenges and needs, as well as the expansion of its supported services through the organization and operation of a modern and up-to-date Supported Independent Living – SIL, with capability of hosting 6 individuals in the area of Chalandri in Athens. PEGKAP-NY aims through its suggested interventions, to provide a familiar, protected, safe & hygienic environment for Mentally Retarded Individuals with severe or medium condition.

The pilot program under the title of “Supported Independent Living for 6 Individuals in Chalandri, Athens”, is included in the Investment Program “Human Resources Development 2007-2013” and in the Category of Operation “Prevention of Institutionalization and Stigma of Mentally Disabled Individuals” (organization & operation Supported Independent Living – SIL). The project was developed and supported for 3 years under the Operational Program “Human Resources Development 2007-2013”, in context of NSRF (ESPA), National Resources and the European Union (European Social Fund).