- Day Care Center
Comprehensive program of services
social care and protection
people - children with mental retardation or autism.
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Early intervation for person
with mental retardation
and their family
Addressed to children from the age of 6 months to
6 years and focused on highlighting their potential
and their treatment with the difficulties of each child
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Day Center for Seniors with I.D. Daily accommodation unit and care
for the elderly with I.D.
For people who do not have the required
daily care
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Cooperation with sports
and clubs and federations
Sport offers physical and psychological
development, well-being and balance to people with
mental retardation!
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Welcome to PEGKAP-NY


PEGKAP-NY (Greek Union of Parents & Guardians of Mentally Disabled Individuals & Children) was founded in 1960, from Parents & Guardians of Mentally Disabled Individuals. It is a non-profit Charity Organization.

PEGKAP-NY is administered by the Board of Directors, that get elected through a General Meeting every three years. Our primary vision and purpose are to offer supportive and inclusive services designed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities, independently of the gender, the age of the individual, as well as care for the proper development and their smooth integration & embodiment in society.

We provide with specialized educational and therapeutic programs based on each individual’s special needs of all ages, from their adultness and for however much it is deemed necessary.

Provisions – Services

• Special Treatment

• Occupational Therapy (Sensory Integration, Life Skills, Gross &Fine Motor Skills etc.)

• Psychotherapy through art (music therapy, drama therapy)

• Physical Education

• Psychological Evaluation– Consulting

• Psychiatric Monitoring

• Social Services

• Getting in touch with Technology- Assistive technology

• Evaluation of Stages of Dementia in Individuals with intellectual disabilities

• Specialized Supportive Programs for Seniors with I.D.

• Supported independent Living (SIL)

• Social skills training – Cultural and enrichment programs

• Recreational and community programs/mentoring

• Early intervention Program for infants and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families.


Our Goal…

• Communication & Social-Interpersonal skills

• Self-service and Living in home or in a SIL

• Mental strengthening & Basic Knowledge & Skills supply, according to the individual’s special needs.

• Integration & Social Participation

• Autonomy

• Free time

• Health & Security

• Apprenticeship

• Specialized Scientific Activities Programs for senior I.D. individuals

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Conferences - Invitations




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