The contribution of volunteers is essential to our existence, to our purpose and vision, by providing guided support according to the specific needs that occur for our individuals. PEGKAP-NY cooperates with organizations and areas in the community (Municipalities, Universities, healthcare organizations, schools, Open Care Center for the Elderly and more).

How can someone help?

It is a very simple procedure, you only have to send your personal information to us (name, phone, address), fields of expertise, and the field you can voluntarily help us, to our e-mail address infopegkap@gmail.com and we will contact you, when your services will be in need, in order to check your current availability.



 Doctors (of various practices)
 Occupational Therapists
 Speech Therapists
 Computer Scientists
 Voluntary work of other fields of expertise

 Voluntary work in bazaars
 School supplies
 House material
 Event Sponsorship
 Participation in Events
 Educational Events Organization
 PC Software & Hardware

Thank you for your offer!

Internship in PEGKAP

If you are attending college or you study in University, and you want to be a part of our purpose and vision, in the form of internship, we would gladly welcome you in our team! Please contact us for more details.

Only students from Universities, Technical Schools and Colleges will be accepted.


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